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Women's Self-Defense Courses


Basic Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

Basic Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a self-defense program designed for women only. This 13-hour course begins with 3-4 hours of classroom that covers topics on general safety, how to make your residence more secure, travel safety, the use of weapons, what to do after an attack and much more. Following the classroom, students will then learn hands-on techniques (4-5 hours). The techniques portion includes blocks, punches, kicks, defense against bearhugs and wrist grabs, and ground defense. The final 3 hours of the course consists of dynamic simulation exercises. Simulation gives students the opportunity to put together the classroom concepts and techniques in several simulated attacks. Each student will be provided with a student manual.

Advanced R.A.D.

The advanced R.A.D. class takes up where the basic class leaves off. Additional strikes, take-downs, enhanced options for ground defense, and defense against multiple attackers are just a part of what makes up this class. Additional focus is given to the use of leverage and balance displacement to overcome size differences between students and potential attackers. The entire advanced class is 16 hours. The Basic R.A.D. class is a prerequisite for the advanced class.

Combined Aerosol/Keychain Defense

Aerosol Defense is taught as a combination six hour class with Keychain Defense. Aerosol Defense addresses the use of oleoresin capsicum aka. OC or pepper spray) as a tool for self-defense. Participants will learn how to select pepper spray, the effects of wind and weather on aerosol defense options, the hazards of using them, and defensive techniques used in combination with aerosol defense. Keychain Defense addresses methods of carrying a defensive keychain, strikes using a defensive keychain, and a variety of defensive techniques using both the Kubaton style keychain and the flashlight style keychain. The Basic R.A.D. class is a prerequisite for Aerosol/Keychain Defense.

Weapons Defense

Weapons Defense is a nine hour course designed to teach students how to handle confrontations where the assailant is armed with a handgun or edged weapon. Students will learn how firearms operate and how to keep them from firing. Students will also learn weapons disarm techniques. Discussion will be held regarding the legal and overall safety issues involved in disarming an assailant. Please note this is a coed course. Basic RAD is a prerequisite for this course.

Open Gym

Participants wishing to return and practice for just an hour or two can join us for our open gym sessions. Participants can use the time to practice any techniques taught in any of the courses they have completed with us. Sessions will include a brief review coupled with various drills. Basic RAD is a prerequisite.

Who Can Participate?

These courses are open to women ages 11 and up. However, women 11 through 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a female parent or guardian. Parents wishing to put their daughters through these courses should consider their child's emotional maturity level prior to enrolling them. These courses do discuss rape, sexual assault, and other sexual situations.

What do participants think about R.A.D.?

The following quotes were taken from R.A.D. participants' evaluation forms:
  • This course far surpassed all expectations.
  • Great experience, a very thorough and sensitive instructor.
  • Great program! I feel so much more confident & prepared.
  • The instructors all were very supportive and really made me believe that I can survive.

What makes this program stand out among other self-defense programs?

  • Free return and practice policy. This allows you to retake the course free of charge anywhere in the world where the program is offered.
  • This course is offered free of charge.
  • Certified instructors.
  • Student receives hands-on training through simulated attacks.


How to sign up

Complete the online pre-registration form.Individuals without internet access may contact Lieutenant April Colvin at (573) 882-5927.


These courses are offered for FREE thanks to the sponsors listed below. This training was made possible by the following groups & people:

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© — Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved. DMCA and other copyright information. An equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. Published by MU Operations.